Cassandra or Nina? Lola or Erin?

Cassandra, definitely.

Lola or Erin? How does one decide…Erin, maybe because of Nervous Subject…

Pat Newbie or Mimi Landgraab?

Pat can be anyone you want, so always Newbie ;)

Something I’m working on.

Something I’m working on.

Fanny Adore or Mona Lott? :)

Fanny all the way ;)

Kaylynn or Mary-Sue? :P

Kaylynn :)

And I’ll just say, it has nothing to do with Daniel.

Lilith Pleasant or Juliette Capp?

Hmmm…that’s actually a hard one because I really don’t care for either, but probably Lilith  because at least she’s not a tragedy.

Send me any two sims and make me choose between them.

Sure, I’ll play, why not? 

Alternate Universe, Book 2, Chapter 35 now posted!
Happy Siblings day!

Happy Siblings day!

Are you making requests? If so, could you make the basegame cowboy hat an accessory as well? :)

I’ll put it on my list! But I can’t give you a timeline of when it’ll be done.  I still have the ship captain hat to finish.